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Lorna Doucet (Associate Professor, Fudan School of Management)

Lorna Doucet

Associate Professor, Fudan School of Management

Lorna is an Associate Professor at Fudan School of Management. She has over twenty years' experience teaching MBA, Executive MBA and PhD students in USA, Europe and China. Lorna's teaching and research focus on leadership, emotional intelligence and culture at work. She is a certified trainer for the "born at Google" Search Inside Yourself - Mindfulness-Based Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Program. She has published multiple case studies and scholarly articles in top tier academic journals. Lorna is also a founding member of TEDxShanghaiWomen and TEDxPuxi. Lorna received her Ph.D. from the Wharton School. Prior to receiving her Ph.D., Lorna worked for Labatt Brewing Company. Lorna also has a B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering.

Dr. Tim Foggin (Asia Pacific Medical Director, Advance Medical and Teladoc Health)

Dr. Tim Foggin

Asia Pacific Medical Director, Advance Medical and Teladoc Health

Dr. Tim Foggin is the Asia Pacific Medical Director for Advance Medical and Teladoc Health, with headquarters in Shanghai, China. Having started his medical career in family medicine, he later branched into travel medicine, public health consulting and healthcare management. With thirty years’ experience in China, Dr. Foggin has clinically served as both family physician and emergency escort doctor around Asia.

He joined the medical leadership of International SOS where he started working in 2011; he then joined Advance Medical (now Teladoc Health) in 2015 to lead clinical operations, develop a strong medical team, and co-lead product development and business.

Dr. Foggin is also an Associate Chief Physician at Renji Hospital in Shanghai, China; an Adjunct Professor at the University of British Columbia (UBC) School of Population and Public Health (SPPH) in Vancouver, Canada and Teaching Faculty at the Ottawa Shanghai Joint School of Medicine (OSJSM).

Greg Kentish (CEO/Director, Acacia Connection EAP)

Greg Kentish

CEO/Director, Acacia Connection EAP

Greg launched his career with global business heavyweight McDonalds where he achieved excellence during his 15 years employment with the company.

Built from the ground up in 2012 Acacia Connection is an industry-leading EAP provider which now works with nearly 1000 companies nationally and internationally. Since inception Acacia Connection has grown quickly due to Greg’s founding principles of providing the highest quality counselling and service that can be experienced in the EAP industry. Greg is absolutely passionate and committed to providing the best possible service and quality to clients and Acacia Connection has a real people focus that is the guiding force behind everything they do.

Anna Karin Toren (Regional Director of Wellness, Education First)

Anna Karin Toren

Regional Director of Wellness, Education First

Anna Karin Toren is the regional Director of Wellness for EF Education First, the world’s largest private education company with over 500 offices across the globe. EF has been ranked the “Happiest company to work for” by China Business Journal and “The Coolest Office Top 10” on, reflecting the company’s dedication to a modern yet green office environment.

At EF’s Asia headquarters on Tongren Lu, Anna Karin developed an employee wellness program that includes group fitness classes, healthy eating initiatives, informative educational talks and community events, with an aim to increase awareness and inspire action.