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In view of the potential impacts of the PRC IIT Reform on enterprises and individuals working in China, the Benelux Chamber of Commerce in China will be holding a seminar to discuss the Individual Income Tax Reform.

You can expect to hear more about the following:

  • IIT Reform in China: What does the reform entail?
  • What is the effect of being recognized as a Chinese tax resident from year 2019? What if your situation does not change significantly in year 2019.
  • Potential impact of the reform on individuals and enterprises
  • Challenges to be faced by both individual taxpayers and enterprises
  • How individuals and enterprises can prepare for the changes

We look forward to welcome you on the 11th of October together with Lee & Lee Associates and Orient Best Certified Public Accountants.


Sofitel Shanghai Hyland
Nanjing East Road 505
5th floor, Majestic Ballroom A

Shanghai, Китай

5th floor, Majestic Ballroom A

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